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How to use Zener cards to test ESP and telepathy.

Zener cards were invented by Karl Zener, a perceptual psychologist who was famous for his research in human telepathy.  Zener cards were an important research tool because they merged what were once viewed as two opposing belief systems; that of science and that of psychic ability. Zener’s investigative research came to be known as Parapsychology, a science where psychic ability (telepathy and extra sensory perception (ESP)) could be examined objectively using accepted scientific methods. Aside from being a tool to test and measure a person’s psychic abilities, Zener cards can be used to develop them as well.

If you have been to a spiritual bookstore, you may have already seen Zener decks for sale but were uncertain of their purpose. A Zener deck contains a total of 25 cards which can be divided into five suits consisting of five cards each. Each five card suit depicts one of the following five symbols: a circle, a star, a square, a plus sign, or three wavy lines.

Zener decks can be purchased online or at many New Age retail bookstores. Some people prefer to make them themselves. They do this by drawing or printing the five symbols on the back of 25 blank index cards.

Once you have your Zener cards, you can test your psychic abilities by trying either of the following two psychic tests:

Psychic Test One: The ESP Test

Shuffle your deck of 25 Zener cards thoroughly.

Without peaking at the cards, arrange them face down on a flat surface so they form a square that is five rows wide by five rows high.

Next, get a piece of paper and draw a blank matching grid that is also five squares high by five squares wide. You will need this to record your predictions.

Make a conscious effort to clear your mind. Gaze at the first card before you and try to visualize the symbol on the opposite side. The purpose of gazing is to psychically “see” the symbol in question. If you feel that it helps, you can also touch the cards as well as long as you don’t reveal them.

Go from card to card and predict the correct symbol for each. Also mark down the symbol in the corresponding grid location on your sheet for each card.

When you are finished turn the cards over so that they are face up without disturbing their grid positions. Compare the upturned cards with the results you have recorded on your sheet. Mark each correct answer on your grid with a circle and each incorrect answer with an “X”.

Last, count your correct predictions and score yourself. On average you should get about five correct answers by randomly guessing. If you are able to predict six or more correct answers on a consistent basis then it may indicate that you have some psychic ability. If you can predict seven or more correct answers consistently then you’re demonstrating strong psychic abilities.

Psychic Test Two: The Telepathy Test

Telepathy is a very specialized psychic ability where one person demonstrates an ability to read or “pick up” the thoughts or feelings of others.

  1. The test requires two participants; one who will be a Projector and one who will be the Receiver. Decide who is going to be the Receiver and the Projector in the experiment.
  2. The 25 cards have to be shuffled by the Projector. The Projector will also have to write down the answers given by the Receiver.
  3. Begin by having the Projector select the first card from the top of the deck which they will hold out it in front of them without revealing it to the Receiver. The Projector then must try to mentally project this image telepathically to the point between the brows of the Receiver known as “the third eye”. For example, if the image on the card is a star then Projector will visualize the shape of the star and think “star” in his mind while he stairs at the Receiver’s forehead. This point is often referred to as “the third eye” by psychics and mystics because it is thought to be highly receptive to telepathic messages.
  4. As soon as the Receiver picks up the message, they must then say their answer to the Projector who then records it on paper.
  5. Repeat this process for all 25 cards. Be sure to place each card face down after the answer is given to form a pile in the correct order.
  6. Once you are done, flip the pile over to score your results. The top card will correspond to the first answer given and so on.
  7. Again, a score of five correct answers is equal to randomly guessing. If the Receiver can get six of more correct answers on a consistent basis then they show some signs of telepathic abilities. Seven or more correct answers is even better provided that it can be achieved on a consistent basis as well.

These experiments really are for fun and should never be taken too seriously. If you fail to achieve the results you anticipated, don’t be too disappointed because there are many other forms of psychic ability that can not be tested through the use of Zener cards. Recent parapsychology research, for example, has demonstrated that highly emotionally subject matter (such as violent or erotic images) are much more likely to induce psychic abilities in test subjects then are neutral symbols such as those found on Zener cards.

If, on the other hand, you do score well in either of the two Zener card experiments, you may want to consider working on your skills to see if you can further improve your scores. You never know where they may take you if you can learn how to master them.

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