Your Moon Sign Psychic Ability

In astrology, the moon is linked to ancient knowledge, fortune-telling, and the power of women. Because of this, the energy of your moon sign can be linked to your most powerful psychic ability.

When we think about how the sun and moon work together in nature, we all know that the sun gives us light and lets us see the world.

On the other end of the spectrum is the moon, which gets light from the sun and shines brightly so that we can see it from here on Earth.

When you think about your psychic abilities and how you get information (or light), it makes sense to think about what sign the moon was in when you were born.

Every two and a half days, the moon moves into a new sign. This means that even if you and your friend both have the sun in Libra, that doesn’t mean your intuition will be the same.

This is mostly because your moon sign is likely different. For example, people born with the moon in Leo will see physics differently than people born with the moon in Capricorn.

Find your moon sign below to see if it matches your psychic energy.

Here’s everything you need to know about psychic abilities and the different kinds of them.

How Psychic You Are Based on Your Moon Sign


Aries: Claircognizance

People with an Aries moon are often called impulsive, but what people don’t realize is that they have a strong sense of intuition that tells them to quickly change course. The energy of an Aries is based on instinct, which makes them naturally claircognizant.

Claircognizance is the ability to know what will happen in the future or to get psychic information without knowing how the message was sent. It can show up as a gut feeling and often comes as a sudden realization. To develop this skill, you need to be sure of yourself and be able to trust that your guides will lead you in the right direction. You can also use this psychic skill by asking the universe for help and looking for signs.

Taurus: Psychometry

As an earth sign, Taurus moons love to enjoy the material world and have a special way of appreciating things that can be touched. With this lunar placement, people often have the ability to read people’s minds because they are so in tune with their bodies.

Psychometry is the ability to get psychic information from things by holding them and being open to the vibrations and stories they carry. Mediums often use this gift by holding on to things that belonged to people who have died. This lets them tap into the energy of the person who has died. A great way to improve this skill is to meditate with crystals or items from loved ones who have passed on.


Gemini: Clairaudience

As Gemini is the sign of communication and intelligence, people born under this sign are great at talking and listening, which makes them very good at clairaudience. Clairaudience is the ability to “hear” messages from the other side, almost as if you were being spoken to from beyond the veil.

This gift can sometimes feel too intellectual or too much, especially if your mind is very busy. This ability is often linked to ears that ring or pop, especially when a message is trying to get through. If you think the other side is trying to tell you something, the best thing to do is to calm down and ask what it is.

Cancer: Feels what others feel.

The water signs are the most psychic in the zodiac because they can naturally feel the energy around them. Cancer is ruled by the moon, so people born under this sign are very psychic. Cancer moons usually have a strong ability to understand other people’s feelings because of this, even if the other person isn’t ready to hear it.

Since this lunar placement is so sensitive, it will be important to use a psychic defense and protection method to avoid unwanted emotional changes. If your mood suddenly changes during the day, check in with yourself to see if something is bothering you. If your mind tells you that the feelings you’re having don’t make sense, you can just call on your guardian angels or say a mantra like “return to sender.”


Leo: Creative Channel

Leos are some of the most creative and outspoken people in the zodiac, so those with this lunar placement are great at channeling creativity. Creative channeling is the ability to get artistic information from the other side.

This lets beings from beyond the veil help you with your latest passion project.

When this ability is working, a person usually feels like they are in the “zone” or in a creative trance while they work. With the moon in this spot, you might want to light some orange candles before you paint, write, or dance.

Also, try meditating while asking positive energy from the afterlife to help you with your masterpiece. If you ask your spirit guides to show themselves through your art, the finished product could tell you more about who they are.


Virgo is a physical empath with a medical intuition.

No other sign is as much about health and wellness as Virgo, so people with this lunar placement are often very in tune with their bodies. This power could make you feel the symptoms of a friend’s illness, sympathy pains for someone who is giving birth, or even different amounts of energy at different times.

With some training and regular meditation, this ability could be strengthened to make a “medical intuitive” who is well-rounded. Medical intuitives can do a lot of different things, but many of them can tell when a client is lacking in vitamins, has physical pain, or even has trouble sleeping. At the end of the day, you’ll need to make sure that everyone you talk to makes a trip to their own doctor.


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