Wicca for Beginners

Wicca has been given a bad rap for its association to witchcraft. In reality though, the Wiccan religion is largely based on benevolent principles and the worship of nature.

The Wiccan religion is largely based upon one’s relationship to nature and its elements. Although the practice of witchcraft can be associated to it, it is not a religion that is based on spells and magic.

While it may be true that some Wiccans do perform magic and consider themselves to be witches, others prefer to remain focused on its spiritual components which are tied to pagan and other older traditions. If you are interested in the world of witchcraft, the Wicca religion can help you learn about the power of the earth’s elements and seasons.

If, alternatively, you are looking for a religion that is based on nature, than the Wiccan religion can also meet those needs as well.

To understand Wicca, it’s import to know a little about its history. Unlike other religions, Wicca is relatively new. It was started by Gerald Gardner, a religious visionary who was frustrated with the Christian church. He did not like how it condemned the practice of magic and other rites which he believed pre-dated Christianity.

As a result, he formed his own philosophy, using pagan religions and philosophies as his guide. In many ways, Gerard Gardner was ahead of his time. This was during the 1950’s when such viewpoints were met with a great deal of skepticism if not open hostility. However, Gardner did develop some followers and today Wicca is widely practiced.

Currently, Wicca is increasingly becoming more widely accepted in popular culture. Television shows, movies and other media are beginning to represent the Wiccan religion as something positive. In fact, one of the religion’s core codes of belief is that Wicca should never be used in a negative way nor should it ever be used to cause someone harm. So, if you cast magic spells, it should be for the purpose benefiting someone’s life.

If Wiccan practices are manipulated in a way that causes someone harm, the repercussions can be very serious for anyone who fails to honor and respect the well being of others.

Wiccans also feel that spells and rituals should never be cast on those who do not believe in the Wiccan religion. They do this for two reasons.

The first is out of respect for others, and the second has to do with their concern about opening the door to negative entities or energies.

Like most religions, Wicca acknowledges the existence of a Creator or “Goddess”. Wiccans believe that all acts of evil effect both people and the Creator negatively. This is why most Wiccans will only embark on good spells which promote peace and goodwill for themselves and the others around them.

If you have a reverence for the power of nature, the elements, and sacred ritual, Wicca can offer a beautiful alternative to anyone who is interested in pursuing a different religious path.

While other religious belief systems rely predominately on doctrines of faith; Wiccans actually experience the spiritual world through their reverence of nature and their practice of spells and other religious rites. Most Wiccans will welcome anyone who desires to approach the religion with a pure heart and a feeling of connection to the natural world.

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