Which Psychic Divination Method Works For You?

Choosing A Psychic Divination Method

For centuries people have been using various divination methods to discover what will happen in the future. Tarot cards, for example, developed out of a 14th century gambling game. Today, western society has embraced their symbolism and imagery as a means to perform psychic readings.


Runes are another ancient method of divination. They developed out of the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture and were believed to be magical symbols that had the ability to foretell the future. The I-Ching developed out of ancient China and is divination method that utilizes hexagrams as a means to decipher important philosophical teachings.

Many professional psychic readers use such divination methods in their readings. They have proved to be a useful tool in helping them tap into their own, already innate, psychic ability. If you are interested in becoming a real psychic reader, or just want to give readings on yourself or friends, you may want to learn how to use a psychic divination method as a way to connect to your own intuition. I usually recommend beginners to begin to explore the different tools of divination. It’s important to recognize which ones speak to you. Of course, becoming proficient in any method requires dedication and commitment.


The I-Ching can be very powerful. However, it can also be quite complicated and requires a psychic reader to develop a deep understanding as to how to decipher its system of hexagrams. When utilizing the I-Ching as a divination method, answers are discovered by throwing coins or sticks.   Each line can either be “broken” or “solid”.  This is done a total of six times and thus, there are six lines that make up a hexagram. In total, there are 64 different hexagram variations. The psychic than consults an ancient I-Ching text, known to as the “Book of Change,” which offers an interpretation for each of the 64 hexagrams.

Tarot reading

Tarot reading is another powerful system of divination. The Tarot is comprised of a series of cards that are symbolic in nature. In tarot reading, a psychic learns how to interpret the various tarot card meanings by placing them in various spreads or patterns. One of the more important aspects of tarot reading is learning how to identify their meanings in relation to the other cards that they are next to. In other words, each tarot card’s meaning is influenced by the tarot cards that surround it. Fortunately, there are hundreds of books that help people learn how to interpret their meanings. Learning how to decipher their symbolism and imagery is one of the most important components to the art of tarot. Great tarot readers are those that understand the tarot’s imagery and use this as a means to stimulate their own psychic intuition.

Runes are one of the easier methods of divination. There are 24 Runes in a set and each rune has a correlating symbol. These symbols are based on the ancient Nordic language and reflect esoteric teachings and concepts. Like tarot reading, psychics draw Runes, usually out of a bag, and interpret their meanings based upon a particular question or issue. Each Rune has its own particular meaning.  Like Tarot reading, the more Runes that are pulled the more complex their interpretations will be.

If you are wondering which method to start learning, it may be helpful to try working with the tools of each system to see which one resonates with you the most. It’s very difficult to become proficient in them all.

Choose a divination method that encourages your own psychic intuition. Most importantly, trust the process. Great psychic readings are usually those that are given by psychics that trust their own interpretations. Try not to second guess yourself. Whatever the divination method you choose, let it do its job.

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