What Exactly is a Guardian Angel?

A Guardian Angel Remains With You Throughout Your Lifetime

Many people believe that our Guardian Angels have been protecting mankind since the beginning of time. What exactly is a Guardian Angel? A Guardian Angel appears at birth and follows a person throughout their lifetime. 

They are protectors, healers, guides and teachers. We may not be able to see them, but they are there, gently influencing our lives for the better.  More importantly, a Guardian Angel can serve as a medium between man and divine energy.  In essence, they are messengers.

They can help us come to understand important spiritual lessons and can certainly help us make the best possible choices for ourselves.  

The primary mission of a Guardian Angel is to help man follow their life path and to protect and guide them throughout their life. However, this does not mean that they can change a person’s destiny or alter important life lessons that need to be learned and understood.

Their presence does not deny someone of their own free will.  They are simply there to offer continuous guidance, support and reassurance.

Not all Angel Guides are the same. Some angels come and go while your Guardian Angel remains tied to you throughout your lifetime. In fact, a person can have many angels around them, particularly during difficult times.

However, many angels will move on after a crisis or trying circumstance has been resolved. Your Guardian Angel, however, will remain with you as a dedicated and loyal lifelong companion.

Signs That Angels Are Present

When a person truly believes in the power of angels and calls upon them in times of need, a Guardian Angel will often make their presence known by leaving a sign to let the person know that they are there. The most common sign left by angels is a white feather or plume.

However, your Guardian Angel will communicate with you in a way which you can hear or understand it. It may be a special song, a needed phone call from an old friend, or it can be anything that speaks to you in a meaningful and special way.

Sometimes it can be as simple as feeling their gentle and caring presence. Their presence is warm and loving and may cause an overflow of emotions.

To tell the difference between an Angel Guide and a Guardian Angel, people should focus on the feeling they get. Guardian Angels have a much stronger presence than Angel Guides.  This is largely due to their connection to each individual.

Some people see their Guardian Angel or Angel Guide in physical form, wearing clothing. Sometimes people can smell an angel. The smell is usually a light floral scent that heightens the senses and projects a wonderful calm feeling. It is also possible to hear angels.

Their voices are soft, silky and elegant. They are coherent, clear and concise. Their tone is calm, gracious and virtuous.

To connect with your own Guardian Angel you simply need to be open to receiving its guidance. You can practice communicating with your Guardian Angel in a variety of ways such as journaling, meditating or visualization.

You can also work with angel cards or some other type o divination tool such as the Tarot or Runes. In the end, the more receptive you become to hearing its message, the more likely you will make that special connection.

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