The Psychic Empath

One of the most common forms of psychic ability is that of the Psychic Empath.

Psychic Empaths are individuals who can sense or feel the emotions of others.  They can also experience the same emotions or sensations that someone else is experiencing.

Their true gift lies in their unique ability to focus on the energy or emotions that are influencing people. They also have the psychic aptitude to tune into one’s spiritual guides. In essence, they are messengers. Not only can they deliver information from the spiritual realm, they can also help by interpreting ones inner, emotional states.

To some degree, we are all Empaths. The more in tune we are with our own emotions, the easier it is to tune into the emotions of others. The most common problem that occurs, however, is when we find ourselves overly identified with other people. Psychic Empaths often struggle with this. For the Psychic Empath, a great deal of self-care is needed.

The gift of the Psychic Empath can be a difficult one. They constantly have to protect themselves by setting appropriate boundaries with their subjects. Take for example the individual that recently experienced the death of a close one. The Psychic Empath will experience the same grief, sadness and anger as the individual who has just lost their loved one.

The Psychic Empath must develop the appropriate skills to shield themselves from taking this on. They must learn to separate their own emotions from those of their subjects.

The Psychic Empath can learn to do this through a number of techniques. The most popular technique is through a grounding meditation. This is a type of meditation in which the Empath spiritually, emotionally and visually connects them selves to the earth.

It enables them to ground their body and mind to the power of the earth. This connection can keep the Empath in their own body and protects them from losing themselves in the realm of emotions.

Another popular technique is that of a protection meditation. A protection meditation includes the sensing or visualization of a protective divine light.

The Empath uses this divine light as a barrier between their own emotions and that of their subjects. Although they still can experience the emotions of others, they are protected against “taking on” the emotions of others.

A gifted Empath can provide powerful psychic readings.  They are particularly skilled at connecting to their subject’s guides, angels or deceased loved ones. If you are experiencing an abundance of negative or overwhelming emotions, a Psychic Empath can help you work through these.

They are there to help you to discover what may be influencing your emotions and provide you with the necessary solutions to process them. They can also deliver important messages from the spirit world, often providing the insight to help you grow as an individual.

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