The Power of Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls have the Power for Psychic Healing and Transformation

We’re fast discovering the deep metaphysical teachings of the East in the modern-day Western world. One area of growing interest in New Age communities is the musical and psychic healing realm of the Tibetan singing bowl. Appearing very basic to the uninformed, these instruments connect with impressive forces for healing, the acceleration of higher-vibrational development, and self-evolution. They are typically used as a form of sound therapy.

What kind of strength are Tibetan singing bowls connected to? The primordial force and power of vibration and sound are at the root of its gifts. The bowls have very specific ways in which they should be worked with to harness tangible effects for psychic healing.

The Wisdom Of The Bowls

The wisdom of the correct utility of the Tibetan Singing Bowls belongs to the highest schools in Tibet. Initiated Masters and Lamas of elevated spiritual degree are the only authorities that can reveal the sacred knowledge. The knowledge is so sacred, in fact, they can only reveal it to one another as teacher bestowing wisdom to student or in secure sessions of a spiritual nature. It is supposed that the guarding of the knowledge is rooted in concerns of misuse in the wrong hands.

Origin Of The Tibetan Singing Bowls

The true origins of the bowls isn’t known to anyone outside of the higher Tibetan circles, but it’s clear they’ve been used as prayer bowls. They have also been said to play a significant role in the practices of Tibetan shamanism and psychic healing.

There are sources who claim the resonant sound that the bowls create can aid astral projection, bring on deep connection with psychic energy, and aid in contact with higher-vibrating spirits. When properly charged, their strength is said to be multiplied, but the correct technique is not openly shared.

The Bowls’ Healing Sound

The Tibetan bowls are played in two different ways. One method involves tapping the bowls at their rims with a playing stick. This produces the most powerful sound. It can help the resonant sound that is received to provide significant therapeutic and direct healing properties. It’s less easy to get a strong enough tone when using a hand-beating method. Over 40 kinds of Tibetan bowls exist. They are formed from assorted alloys in different shapes, creating varying effects.

There don’t seem to be any universal panaceas that treat every ailment or faltering within the physical body, and the singing bowls, as we understand them, are no exception.

There is only one bowl to address the seven energy centers known as chakras (Sanskrit) or aritu (Kemetian). It is necessary to experiment with one’s singing bowl to discover the proper adjustments for each unique auric field’s psychic energy.

While there is much uncertainty surrounding the singing bowls, we can be absolutely clear that we have only just begun to tap the potential in the frontiers of this field we are coming to call “energy medicine” or “psychic healing”. There are many secrets that we do not have access to.

As we explore the universal gems that both current and ancient generations have been gifted with, we discover that there is much more to learn. In that humility, we can receive more than we could ever imagine.

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