The meanings you should know about the Page of Swords Tarot Card

Have you been experiencing a sensation that everything is becoming a bit monotonous, a little stale, or even worse, a little stuck? When the Page of Swords comes in a tarot reading, it means that a swift transformation is on the horizon for everything!

There is something that is just so energizing, amusing, and revolutionary about these Page and its wild ideas, harebrained projects, and newfangled ways to life. You just cannot help but get engrossed in the next amusement they provide.

The operation of their brain and the way they see the environment are both really interesting.

You want to stay up all night with this person, chatting about anything and everything, and pondering the possibilities of where life may take you next if you just give something a go, follow your current whim, and eventually say YES!


Curious, full of new ideas, good at communicating, a source of inspiration, a visionary, talkative, funny, with a fresh point of view and a new way of thinking, excited about what’s next, and a bit disorganized.


Nobody believes in themselves and their huge dreams as much as the Page of Swords does, and that kind of bold spirit can’t help but spread from person to person.

When this card appears in a tarot reading, it serves as a reminder to us to try new things and take risks without overthinking everything or allowing our lack of experience to prevent us from moving forward.

You shouldn’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm for whatever it is that you are taking on here, whether it’s the thrill of a new hobby that has ensnared your interest or the excitement of the early stages of a new romantic relationship.

Don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm for whatever it is that you are taking on here. The Page of Swords most definitely contains duplicate texts, all right?

Do not give the impression that you are unconcerned with something about which you are, in fact, quite concerned. Therefore, be authentic and let it shine through!

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Be curious! Since having knowledge gives one strength, you should devote all of your effort into finding the answers and information you want.

This is a moment of discovery, so make the most of it by educating yourself on all there is to know about everything and following your interests wherever they may lead you.

If everything has been seeming stagnant or mundane, this will be the jolt of energy and excitement that you have been searching for.

It seems like the right moment to experiment with something alternative, something novel, or even something that is so far out of the ordinary that it may surprise you by turning out to be beneficial.

Because, hey, if what you’re doing clearly isn’t working, then maybe the only thing you need is simply a different strategy!

Make a shift in your own point of view, see things from the other person’s point of view, and you will discover what you had been looking for all along. Don’t give it too much thought!

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The Page of Swords always has a wonderful concept (or a million of them), but the execution of those ideas is lacking. That brings up a very other point.

They have already moved on to the next idea by the time the time comes to put their most recent concept into action and make it a real, concrete reality.

When you get the Page of Swords in its reversed position, take it as a sign that you should allow a fresh idea some room to develop and be willing to put in the effort to convert it into something that is worthy.

Invest some time in building it, carefully considering everything through, and coming up with a strategy that takes thorough consideration into account.

As you construct, remember to keep your word and fulfill the obligations you’ve made.

Take care of your stamina, be honest with yourself about your limits, and don’t create commitments you can’t really fulfill. Your reputation and your integrity are all that you have to fall back on when all else is gone.


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