Tarot Yes or No: What is a Yes or No Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot yes or no

What is a yes or no Tarot card reading?

When it comes to Tarot yes or no readings, it’s meant for a person who is merely looking for a simple but still precise answer to a yes or no question. It must be a specific type of question that is possible to answer in a yes or no fashion, so you have to first think of that question as you begin the Tarot yes or no reading.

A few Tarot card readers don’t think you should use Tarot cards for a yes or no type of reading because it might cause confusion. There are two reasons they feel this way. One is due to the fact a person’s future isn’t actually predetermined, and it’s of course subject to change, and the outcome is based on the decisions that person decides on.

The second is due to the fact there isn’t really a yes or no meaning attached to any of the Tarot cards, so it’s quite hard to decide if the answer given is really yes or no.

Tarot Card Spreads for Yes or No Readings

There are different kinds of Tarot yes or no readings and to start a Tarot “yes or no” reading between one and five cards are drawn.  Firstly, all of the court cards, which are the Paige, Knight, King and Queen, are taken out of the whole deck and placed into their own pile. Since the court cards symbolize people, they are the ones good for this type of reading. Here are the types of Tarot yes or no draws:

The One Card Draw

In a Tarot yes or no reading, the one card draw is the simplest one. If all you need is a yes, no or maybe type of answer, then this is the kind of draw you need. If you like, after you get your initial answer, a second card can be drawn to get additional facts on the people involved in that answer.

The 3 Card Spread

In a Tarot yes or no reading, a 3 card spread can be drawn. You must keep your question firmly in your mind as these three cards are drawn one at a time and placed from a left to right interpretation. Then, each card is examined to see which shows a no, and which shows a yes. The number of yes or no answers is then counted, so for instance, if two there are to no answers and one yes answer, the full answer to your question is no, and of course vice versa.

The 5 Card Spread

In a Tarot yes or no reading, a 5 card spread can be drawn. Again, keep your question firmly in mind as the cards are being drawn. The cards are first shuffled and then five are placed in a horizontal line. Just like with the 3 card spread, the cards are interpreted and the number or yes or no answers is counted.

And just like the 3 card spread, the number of these answers decides if the total answer to your question is a yes or a no. For instance, if you get all yes cards or all no cards, that’s a great indication the question is a firm yes or no. If you get anything else, it can still be a yes or a no, but not as firm or solid of an answer.

Alternate Way of Interpreting Yes or No Reading

Another interesting way to do a Tarot yes or no reading is to interpret each card as you draw it and each card builds on the card in front of it. This does mean the answer to your question could change with each new card, so it’s more difficult to determine the final answers.

Here is a possible example:

Your first card drawn is the Hermit. This card symbolizes “no” and means you shouldn’t make the same error again and that you need to think twice about doing something.  Then, you draw the Sun card. This card symbolizes “yes” and means there are new things in the future and you must change how you are viewing some situation, again so you don’t make the same error twice in a row.

Your third card is the Six of Cups, and this card symbolizes “yes” and it means you need to accept the change that is about to occur in your life. Your fourth card drawn is a Seven of Pentacles, which also signifies a “yes” and it means you need to be patient and not act on this change until the right time comes.  And then the fifth card is a Four of Wands, which is another “yes” and means if you are indeed patient regarding the change, everything has been done to accomplish your answer to your original question.

The bottom line is that while a Tarot yes or no reading seems pretty simple at the start, depending on what type of reading it is and what kind of cards are drawn, it could actually be a bit more complicated. Therefore, choose your questions carefully if undergoing a reading based on a Tarot yes or no situation.


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