The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card: Tarot Wheel of Fortune

Tarot Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is part of the Major Arcana, which are 22 cards that are the foundation and main cards of a tarot deck. It symbolizes the cycles of a person’s life. The card has several signs on it and each of those has a distinct meaning.

The center of the Wheel of Fortune card has a giant wheel and the wheel has esoteric symbols on it. Around the wheel are an angel, an eagle, a bull, and a lion. These characters are meant to represent zodiac signs of Leo (lion), Taurus (bull), Scorpio (eagle) and Aquarius (angel), as well as the four Christian evangelists, hence the wings. Each animal holds a book, and that is representing the Torah, which gives self-understanding and wisdom.

Then, there is a snake, which stands for the tree of knowledge when the snake tempted Adam.; a sphinx sitting at the top of the card and what could be a devil or perhaps Anubis at the bottom. The sphinx stands for the god’s and king’s wisdom, as well as life’s riddles (the riddle is that we must learn who we are if we want to get the most out of the whims of fortune), and the other figure stands for the underworld. These two characters are also revolving forever, hence demonstrate a cycle. It is meant to show that things in the world go up and go down.

Upright Wheel of Fortune Meaning

When the card appears in an upright position, it represents that the wheel is communicating that life can be made of both good, as well as bad times, but it is not something we can control. Fate is fate and we can’t stop fate. One should strive to enjoy their good moments to the best they can, as good doesn’t last forever. But it also can mean if things are going badly, they are bound to go up later on.

It stands for the fact what happens to us is random chance, and no matter if things are going well for us or badly, the wheel keeps turning forever so things are going to change eventually and we can’t stop it from happening.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune Meaning

If the card is upside down, it means you have been going through a bad time and had a lot of problems and misfortunes. But since it is all connected to this card’s meaning, these things were beyond your control and not something you could stop, and are due instead to outside influences. But since the wheel is forever turning, things are going to go back in your favor eventually, since life goes in cycles.

We have to learn to let go and release ourselves, accept things and if necessary, forgive and go on with life. Once we do that, the wheel can move us into a new life cycle. It could mean you are at a critical time and whatever you choose to do with it could result in some major changes. Perhaps it could also help you learn more about your purpose in life and what you should do in the future.

The Past, Present, and Future Position Meanings

As you may already understand, when you get a Tarot reading, the person lays out the cards in various ways to form a patter. Where each card is put shows what is going on in your past, present, and future. When placed in the past position, the card characterizes the basis of where a person is currently. So, if the Wheel of Fortune is the card showing, it stands for things in your past that somehow changed the course of your life and have some kind of meaning regarding where you could be going in the future. For example, if you got a divorce in the past, that affects your future in several ways.

If this card shows up in the present tarot position, it is a very momentous event, and one of the most important cards in the deck to show up here. If means fate is on your side right now and your life is somehow going to be transformed. If you recently have learned how to take responsibility for our own actions, then it means you are being reinforced in this and acknowledged for being good at owning up to the decisions you have made.

If the Wheel of Fortune card shows up in the future position, it means change is coming into your life. This could be good or bad, depending on what has already been happening in your life since the card shows life cycles. It all depends on the other cards that show up in the reading along with this card.

Combinations of Cards Showing with Wheel of Fortune

All cards in a Tarot card reading interact with each other and which cards appear can change the meaning greatly. By the numbers, this card is number 10 in a Tarot deck. It’s also connected to the judgment card, which is number 20 and the Fool card, which is zero. If either of those cards appear with the Wheel of Fortune card then Judgement means some sort of absolute is going to happen in your life’s events, while the Fool card with the Wheel of Fortune card means you will be immune to harm when the change in your life happens.

If the Emperor card appears with it, then it means some sort of change in your life regarding an authority figure, the Hermit means you can expect to end up alone if you are already in a relationship, or will find someone if you are single.

If the Devil card shows up with the Wheel of Fortune card, it means you are going to be in trouble and pay the price for following some pursuit of pleasure instead of paying attention to your responsibilities. And if the Temperance card shows up with it, then you will have some sort of peaceful response due to something that changes in your life and it will somehow benefit you.

All in all, the Wheel of Fortune card is a powerful Tarot card that speaks of life’s changes and it can deliver information to you that is both good and bad. If you are confused, ask whomever is doing your reading to explain things to you fully for best results.



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