Tarot the Star: Star Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot the star

Star Tarot Card Meanings

In Tarot the Star card features a naked woman, which symbolizes her vulnerability and purity. She is bending down at a pool while holding two things of water. One is being held in the left hand, which symbolizes the subconscious, while the other in the right hand symbolizes the conscious. The area around her is lush and green because she is pouring the water out so as to nourish the land and keep the cycle of fertility going. The other hand pours out water in five streams, which symbolizes our five senses.

She also has one of her feet on the ground, which symbolizes practical abilities as well as having good common sense. She has her other foot in the water, which symbolizes intuition, listening to your inner voice, and your inner resources. A star shines behind the woman, and this symbolizes the woman’s core essences, and there are seven other stars that are smaller and they symbolize the 7 chakras of the body. Plus a bird is sitting on the branch of a tree, and that symbolizes the holy ibis of thought.

In Tarot the star card corresponds to Aquarius in the sings of the Zodiac.

Meaning When Star Card is Upright

The Star card is thought to bring the person who is getting the reading hope, as well as renewed strength and power to be able to get on with life. It tells them that they have abundant blessings, even if those aren’t very evident at the moment. It shows the person they themselves have all they need to be fulfilled, and they just have to have the courage to do so.  It brings a message that the person should keep the faith and the world will bring them blessings and everything they need in life.

If someone gets the Tarot the Star card in their reading, then likely they’ve been through some sort of horrible challenge in their life, but they got through it and didn’t lose hope. It shows they had the strength to do it and that they are just now starting to appreciate everything in their lives.

Meaning When Star Card is Upside Down

If instead, the Star card is upside down in a person’s reading, it symbolizes the person thinks everything in their lives has turned against them. They feel they can’t get through life’s challenges. They have no faith in themselves or something else they love. They have no motivation to do anything.

Therefore, they must try to understand why they are feeling like that and how it affects their future actions. This means they are being asked to be more hopeful and go forth with more positivity and joy and not with fear. You need to be more hopeful about your future, even though of course you can’t take everything for granted.

General Meaning of Star Card

In Tarot, the Star Card is a good omen and it wants you to think positively in some sort of specific way. You should think about what kind of changes you’d like to have in your life. If necessary, help yourself out by making a list. This can inspire you to use that list to make those changes happen.

Meaning of Star Card in the Past Position

In Tarot, the Star Card showing up in the past position means the person needs to move on from all the bad that has happened to them in their past, and start moving on to the future. They need to rely on their inner strength and their support systems whether that be people, religion, etc., and that it’s an end to their struggles.

Meaning of Star Card in the Present Position

In Tarot, the Star Card showing up in the present position means the person needs to start considering showing some restraint and get some balance in their lives as they try to find a solution to some kind of current issue. They will get some harmony as well as happiness in their life if they get the right help or encouragement.

Meaning of Star Card in the Future Position

In Tarot, the Star Card showing up in the future position means the person is about to go through some sort of renewal phase. They have selected the correct path toward restoring their physical or mental health. They have had the courage to choose some sort of path that was risky, but their bravery got them through it, and they ended up inspiring someone in the process.

How the Star Card relates to Work:

The Star card relates to your job in several ways. It shows your work is likely going pretty well and you are happy in it. However, if you aren’t happy then it shows new opportunities are coming, but you must remain open to whatever they bring. You need to be ready when they come. So you may want to spruce up your resume.

How the Star Card relates to Love:

The Star card relates to love in several ways. It shows it’s a great chance to meet a new love if you are searching for love. This new love could come at any given moment, so you may not want to turn down an invitation and you’d be advised to not avoid mingling. But if you already have a special someone, then perhaps it means that relationship is going to move to a higher commitment level, so make the most of that chance to do so.

How the Star Card relates to Finances:

The Star card relates to finances in several ways. It’s a strong omen that means you probably are going to do better in a financial aspect. Plus, if you can afford to do it, it’s a good time to take some financial risk, perhaps by buying stock, a house, etc. It could also be a good time to ask for a raise at your job or try to sell something you’ve wanted to sell.

How the Star Card relates to Health:

The Star card relates to health in several ways. Likely this means the person’s health will be good during this timeframe and for instance, if they recently had some kind of test done, it is probably going to have good results. So, stay calm and be sure to take good care of your health.

How the Star Card relates to Spirituality:

The Star card relates to spirituality. If you are someone who is in touch with their spiritual side, then this means it’s a good time to share that with other people. When you do this you will see your efforts grow, and things will be bright for everyone around you.


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