Tarot the Fool: Fool Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot the Fool

Fool Tarot Card Meanings

In Tarot the Fool card is connected to zero. That means there is unlimited potential and this card also doesn’t have a precise placement in a Tarot card sequence, which means it can be at the beginning or at the end of the Major Arcana deck. Some say this means the Major Arcana deck signifies the Fool’s life journey and that he is always present so doesn’t need a precise number assigned to his card.

Picture on the Fool card is a young man standing on a cliff edge. He seems not to have any care in the world as he appears to be heading off on some sort of adventure. The man is looking up at the sky or the Universe. He doesn’t even seem to notice he’s about to fall off the cliff. He is carrying a backpack full of all he owns.

The man carries a white rose in his left hand, and that symbolizes innocence and purity. There’s also a little white dog, which symbolizes protection and loyalty, which is supposed to be encouraging him to keep on going forward in his life and learn from whatever lessons he has learned. The mountains in the card symbolize challenges expected in his future, but the Fool doesn’t seem to have any concerns regarding those challenges and he’s more concentrated on the start of his adventure.

Overall, in Tarot the Fool card is mostly seen as signifying innocence, curiosity, intuition and taking risks. He’s a curious fellow who wants to experience new things and learn new knowledge, but those could be dangerous. He is looking at the world through “rose-colored glasses” (not literally) and that means he is naïve or foolish, hence the Fool.

The Fool trusts his intuition over his common sense and relies merely on some sort of internal compass, he doesn’t want to use a real map to guide him in life. The dog also signifies the world and how things, in reality, are sensible, ordered and has limitations, but the Fool doesn’t care about those things and pays no attention to the dog, so pays little attention to the world. He’s a dreamer and lives in a world of idealism instead of doing the safe things in life.

Instead, the Fool sees every chance in life as having potential for either good or bad, and at times he jumps right into a situation if it seems like something good to do. It symbolizes never stopping, all starts, all turning points in a situation, as well as being a drifter and never settling down in life. He believes everything in life is beautiful, has fresh eyes to see everything in his path, and is always ready for that next adventure to come.

Introduction of the Fool Card:

Believe it or not, in Tarot the Fool card is considered to be a positive thing. However, it brings with it a caveat. That means it’s vial for you to always look before you leap. It’s one thing to trust yourself to jump into an unknown situation, however, you shouldn’t do that without thinking as it could bring you some problems.

General Information on the Fool Card:

Overall, in Tarot the Fool card indicates some sort of new beginning with a possible spiritual connection, meaning something to do with a person’s inner self. This has nothing to do with religion, just being somehow meaningful in someone’s life, i.e. beginning a new relationship.

Therefore, if the Fool card shows up in your reding, it could mean some sort of fresh start concerning some sort of aspect of your life.

The meaning of the Fool Card When Upright:

In Tarot, the Fool card has several meanings when drawn in the upright position. It means some kind of significant chance is coming in someone’s life. It could be either temporary or permanent type of change. For instance, perhaps you are starting a new job, moving to a new city, etc.

The meaning of the Fool Card When Upside Down:

In Tarot, the Fool card has several meanings when drawn in an upside-down position. It has negative indications in this position. It could mean the person being read is acting stupid, as in acting like a fool, and they aren’t aware of how dangerous that could be in their life. It may indicate the person hasn’t got a care in the world about their future, but that they had better start paying attention immediately. If something is too good to be true, then likely it is not true, so beware!

The meaning of the Fool Card regarding Work:

When it comes to a person’s job, the Fool card has several meanings. It could be that you need to press onward even if others don’t agree with something you are about to do, but if you know it is truly right, then do it. But be sure you are right!

It could mean you are about to get a new job or be promoted in your current job. If you aren’t happy at work, it could mean you should indeed start looking somewhere for a new job or even that it’s a good time to start a new business yourself.

The meaning of the Fool Card regarding Love:

When it comes to love, the Fool card may mean you are not yet ready to commit in your current relationship. It also means that it’s ok to have some fun in your love life if you are in a good relationship. But, if you are trying to find someone to love, be sure not to get too involved in merely having fun, be on the lookout for chances to find a new love.

The meaning of the Fool Card regarding Finances:

When it comes to finances, the Fool card is a positive indicator. It may not mean you are going to win the lotto, but you could somehow make more money via something like a job promotion, or some other kind of pay raise.

The meaning of the Fool Card regarding Health:

When it comes to your health, the Fool card is warning you not to take any stupid chances and have some common sense regarding certain scenarios.  However, it could mean your health is looking up or if you indeed have some sort of health issue that you will be lead to the person or place that can help you overcome it.

The meaning of the Fool Card regarding Spirituality:

When it regards spirituality the Fool card could mean you are in some sort of phase in your life where you are trying new things and finding out what fits your personality. However, be sure to not get carried away, as you will have several chances to settle on what is truly right for you.

It could also mean you are gaining somehow a deeper knowledge of spiritual things in your life and even if others don’t understand this phase, you need to do whatever is best for yourself.



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