Tarot Reading: Introduction to Minor Arcana Numerology

Tarot Reading

When it comes to tarot readings, the trump cards are considered the most important. However, this doesn’t mean the numbers in the minor arcana don’t also play a role. Therefore, we’ve decided to create a guide with all the information you need to know.

Are you seeing lots of eights or fives in your readings? When the same numbers keep arising, this could suggest that you need to focus on a certain aspect of life. Perhaps there’s a recurring issue that needs work?

If you’ve never encountered the minor arcana previously, there are four different suits with each holding ten numbered cards. Depending on the suit, the numbers tell a story – a story we’re going to delve into today!

Number One

With the number one, it’s all about energy without form. Suggesting potential, inspiration, and beginnings, there’s lots of positivity but you still need to take the lead and shape these opportunities to ensure they come to life. Due to their raw nature, there’s also a risk of instability.

Number Two

While one is about individuality, two offers unions, pairs, and duality. Depending on the suit, it suggests harmony and a balance with your actions, thoughts, feelings, or material success. In some cases, people can become too comfortable with the balance and they struggle to make choices or move forward so we need to be careful.

Number Three

What happens when a group comes together? This is the idea behind three, and it relates to not only people but ideas too. Historically, the number three has been linked to completion or fullness and this can be seen with the holy trinity and other groups of three. Therefore, there’s a suggestion that the first phase of something has been completed.

Number Four

The foundation has been laid, and now we’re heading towards growth and evolution. Remember, this growth cannot happen alone and the four encourages us to continue on the path. Even though the foundation has been laid, we shouldn’t be disappointed when things don’t progress as we expect – we simply need to keep pushing.

Number Five

Essentially, this is an amplification of the energy we found with four. However, it represents fluctuation, change, and conflict. If the energy explodes, it’s time to dig deeper and find the answer to one of human’s most difficult questions – why? Once we know the ‘why’, we can forget the instabilities and move forward.

Number Six

After learning how to move away from conflict, the six shows us how to move towards solutions instead. While this could mean reconciliation, it could also mean letting go and this is important to remember. Also known for adjustment and alignment, this is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Number Seven

If seven keeps appearing in tarot readings, this suggests a period of revaluation and introspection is required. Are you taking the right path? Are you doing what’s best for you and your future? This is what seven suggests we ask and the process itself can be a unique one. It can be a lonely journey at times, but it’s a necessary one to find and progress with authentic desires.

Number Eight

Just as we saw with number three, number eight marks the end of a phase. Whether emotional or tangible, this number normally suggests an achievement. Interestingly, the growth we experience can actually come in a place or form that we didn’t expect. As well as achievement, number eight is also linked with rebirth and changes.

Number Nine

Much like the number nine itself, it’s so close yet so far from number ten and finality. Although something may look close to being complete, it could actually simply be the start of a transition or a plateau. Again, the key is to keep going and keep pushing for that final step.

Number Ten

Finally, the transition period is over, and cycles have been completed. Since something has come full circle, we can look towards new beginnings and moving forward. Whether the ten comes from Pentacles, Cups, Wands, or Swords, we’ve reached completion and the hard work has paid off.


With this guide, you should now have a better understanding of how to read the minor arcana and what each number means. Don’t forget, when a certain number keeps reoccurring, come back to our guide and see what the cards are telling you!

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