Spirituality and Psychic Awareness

Spirituality and psychic awareness are both closely tied to our ability to connect to the energy that surrounds us.

While it may be true that there are some psychics who do not consider themselves to be spiritual in a conventional sense, most have a strong connection to the same channels of energy that are found in spiritual practice. One good example of this are psychic aura readers who have the ability to “seeing” chakra colors even though they never had any formal training in the concept of chakras or the methodology of how to read them. When a psychic does discover that their ability are closely aligned to a certain spiritual practice often find that they can further improve their own abilities by becoming skilled adherents to the practice themselves.

This raises the question if the reverse is true as well. That is to say is it also possible to become more psychically aware by becoming more spiritually aware? Many believe that this is in fact the case.

How To Increase Spiritual Awareness

If you are interested exploring spirituality and becoming a more spiritually aware person, here are enjoyable self growth exercises any of us can do:

  1. Finding a sense of internal peace is essential to spiritual awareness. While the events and activities surrounding us cannot always be easily controlled, we can choose how we react to them. This means learning how to separate the pressures of the external world from our internal psyche. This is not always easy, but through intention and with strict daily practice, even a person who is under a lot of stress should be able to experience a greater sense of peace internally through a number of practices which can include meditation, yoga or deep breathing exercises among others. Once achieved, this new found feeling of calm should be allowed to radiate throughout your thoughts and actions.

  1. Showing love to everyone with whom we come in contact with is also a good way to grow spiritually. Learning how to empathize with others helps us to understand that most people are living the best they can and are acting on their individual belief system. Therefore, showing others unconditional love regardless of what they say or do is advisable. This can also open up the chakras and increase our spiritual awareness

  1. Setting time aside to communicate with nature can be a great way to grow spiritually. Making a sincere effort to become immersed in one’s natural environment such a forest or beach is an exceptionally energizing activity, as it is an excellent avenue through which one can observe the beauty in the world. In addition, locations which have not been highly populated tend to have a high vibrational frequency which is believed by some to increase psychic awareness.

  1. What we consume can affect us as well. If we desire to raise out spiritual energy we should consume food that is pure and promoted our well being. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and whole grains serve to fortify and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Foods containing sugar, dairy or meat, as well as alcohol or tobacco, can be debilitating to us on a number of levels and negatively affect spiritual awareness if consumed in excess.

  1. Making laughter a daily activity is excellent tool for achieving spiritual growth. It is sometimes even good to meet unwelcome events with laughter. This is because when one views life from an alternate perspective many things do not seem as bad as when one was thinking of them seriously. Whenever possible you should try to laugh heartily, as the more boisterous the laughter is, the better it is for you spiritually. Watch a funny movie, read a humorous book, or spend time with people who make simply make you laugh.

  1. Take some time to explore your own spiritual interests. This may be taking a yoga class, experimenting with meditation, reading a book on a spiritual subject that has always interested you, or even volunteering with a local charity organization. Exploring what interests you through spiritual action is a great way to become more aware and connected to both yourself and the world around you.

  1. Lastly, the importance of routine should not be understated either. Most people are creatures of habit, which is something that we can turn to our advantage by creating a spiritual routine. This routine should be specific and distinct and it should be followed every day. It is essential not to make the routine too easy or too hard. It should be written down in order to achieve the best results from its use. The routine should include pursuing the activities and interest that will achieve your spiritual goals.

As you progress you will hopefully become more spiritually aware of both yourself and the world that surrounds you. Whether or not this will also improve your own levels of psychic awareness as well is something that you will need to discover for yourself!

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