Psychic Intuition and Scrying Divination

You Can Tap into your own Psychic Intuition with Scrying Divination Techniques

Scrying, a technique that is considered to be a psychic ability, and includes the act of concentrating on a fixed point while in a meditative state in order to induce psychic visions.

As a consequence, this can lead to a greater awareness of one’s psychic intuition. Many different methods of scrying are available for beginners to choose from. The main scrying tool that is used is typically a shiny reflective surface that is offered by a crystal, crystal ball, mirror, or a bowl with a liquid in it.

The most popular and traditional method for scrying, especially for beginners, involves the use of a reflective surface such as a scrying mirror, while in a dimly lit room.

This is a special mirror that consists of a glass pane that has one side painted black. These mirrors are normally imbued or consecrated with psychic energy that may help facilitate proper energies for visions. A decorative frame that has been inscribed with mystical images or symbols is commonly placed along its edges.

It is also very important to keep in mind that the scrying mirror, along with other divining instruments, is merely a tool or focal point by which your own psychic ability and energy can be focused.

By using a mirror or other scrying tool for such a purpose, you can strengthen your psychic abilities. Remember that your state of mind is of utmost importance while scrying, rather than the scrying tool itself. If you are experiencing any negative while in this process, your psychic visions may reflect these emotions.

Another important element to recognize about scrying is that your own energy or emotional state can be reflected back to you while scrying. As you are scrying, you will be looking into your own self, effectively viewing your own energy.  In fact, this can be true with any type of psychic ability.

Since you will be accessing your psychic intuition through your own energy, you must make certain that you have a positive, nonobjective, and peaceful frame of mind during this time.

The goal is to find the place within yourself where you can awaken to your inner intuitive resources. This can often be achieved by practicing meditation on a daily basis.  Once you have achieved this feat, you can apply it to any divination technique in order to successfully tap into your psychic intuition.

Once you have learned how to maintain an inner state of relaxation, your psychic visions will inevitably become more clear and accessible. You will also be able to interpret information and images more accurately. This is extremely important, as your emotional reaction to the information and images can affect the type of information you receive.  

Negative reactions and emotions may also impact the information you receive.  Your initial emotional reactions can greatly impact the scrying process, along with the outcome of the experience. Therefore, learning how to maintain a calm state of mind is essential for accurate readings.

Scrying for beginners and advanced psychics alike may be a truly transforming and powerful experience. No matter what type of scrying technique you decide to implement, scrying is an amazing way to awaken your psychic ability. By practicing both daily meditation and scrying, you can realize your psychic potential on a much higher level.

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