Psychic Channelers

Psychics who have the ability to channel spirits or deceased loved ones are considered to be mediums.

Mediums are psychic channelers who possess the psychic ability to tap into the spirit realm. There are primarily two distinct types of mediums: those who communicate with deceased beings and those who communicate with spiritual entities. These spiritual entities are considered to be of a higher plane or higher vibration and are believed to be connected to divine spirit. These are angels, spirit guides, and evolved spirits that have never taken human form. Psychic Channelers tend to communicate with spiritual beings that offer advice, wisdom and guidance.

During psychic readings, many channels will ask their own spirit guides to provide information about the person for whom they are doing the reading. These psychic readings are largely based upon the psychic’s relationship to their own spirit guide. However, some channels may have direct contact with the subject’s own spirit guides or angels. In either case, the psychic has direct contact with beings from another realm. The psychic channeler’s primary job is to be a messenger and to relay the wisdom of the spiritual entities who are there to provide encouragement, support and guidance.

Most psychics who channel can remain conscious during this process. In other words, they do not have to enter into a trance like state to access information. Although some psychic mediums must enter a state of trance to channel, many have developed the ability to tap into their own psychic awareness while being totally conscious of their surroundings. Professional channelers have highly developed psychic skills. They have learned how to form a bridge between the realm of spirit and the realm of man.

The messages a channel receives can come in many different forms and depending on the skill of the psychic channel, these messages can be identified through a number of methods. Channeled information can be seen, heard, felt or sensed. Some spirit guides also like to communicate in their own distinct manner. Spirit guides can communicate through images, sounds, feelings or ideas.

The goal of the psychic channel is to interpret this information and convey it to the person for whom they are doing the reading. Psychic readings of this nature can be incredibly powerful. They can also be healing and provide one with information that can help them work through important life challenges. Psychic channels offer a glimpse into the spirit world and provide important formation that can have profound results.

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