Psychic Abilities: Developing Your Psychic Sight

One of the most important skills needed for psychic vision is the ability to focus. Many people assume that psychic awareness occurs through a natural phenomenon, one in which a psychic reader can access with ease and effortlessness. This certainly is not always the case. There are many psychics who have had to develop their psychic abilities by learning how to focus on different levels of consciousness.


Psychic sight is most commonly associated to Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the art of “seeing” beyond the ordinary. Psychics with these particular psychic abilities can often see into the past, present and future. How they see these images often varies, but the main attribute associated with Clairvoyance is the psychic’s ability for psychic sight. For most psychics, visions of this nature appear within the “inner eye” or “third eye”.

Developing this skill requires a great deal of focus and, ultimately, a leap of faith. For many beginning practitioners there is the issue of not trusting one’s visions. This is a totally acceptable reaction. However, with practice one can soon gain the confidence to trust their psychic visions. The real challenge is applying oneself to learning the process of psychic sight.

Below is an exercise that helps one develop psychic sight. The goal of this exercise is to help you focus on an image and let your own psychic abilities develop.

An exercise to help develop your own psychic abilities

  1. Take a picture of yourself or a friend and hold it in your hand.
  2. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down.
  3. Begin to look at the subject in the picture. Focus on the details of their expression, body language, location, etc. Visually grasp everything you can from the image
  4. Next, close your eyes and recreate the image in your mind.
  5. Now, let the image begin to move in your mind. Does the subject begin to speak? Does the background change? Does the location change? What is the subject expressing? Are new images beginning to appear in your mind’s eye? How is the image changing?
  6. When you feel as though you have completed this process, simply open your eyes and focus on your surroundings.

For some, this exercise will come easily and for others it may take a few attempts to allow your mind to wander. The goal, however, is to stimulate your psychic abilities. In time, these visions that occur within the mind will become clearer.

You will be amazed at how much psychic information you can grasp through this exercise. At some point, you may not necessarily have to use a photograph. You can accomplish the same exercise by focusing on someone within your own mind’s eye.

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