Oneiromancy Divinitaion: Psychic Dreams

Psychic Readings and Dreams, The Ancient Art of Oneiromancy

Oneiromancy is a derivative of the Greek term “Oneiroi” that denotes a methodology of gaining psychic predictions by the interpretation of one’s dreams.  

Oneirromancy is another method of ancient divination techniques where dreams are utilized as a means to foretell the future. In essence, oneiromancy supports the theory of precognition accessed during the sleeping state.

Such dream interpretative formats have traditionally been employed as a prophetic device – rather than the contemporary psychoanalytical view that dreams are “windows” into the dreamer’s current subconscious state(s) of mind. This protocol is also a major component of the scientific discipline known as Oneirology.

Oneiromancy undoubtedly falls within the “mystical” category of dream interpretation methodologies. Indeed, deliberate induction of psychic dreams was once a common approach to finding solutions to current issues within dreamer’s waking lives. In this respect, it was clearly a form of one’s own inherent psychic intuition.

A clear example of this is noted in the Bible. The interpretation of an Egyptian pharoah’s dream of cows by Joseph (recounted in the biblical Book of Genesis) is among the better known examples of oneiromancy.

That account relates that the Pharoah’s famous dream included seven fat cows arising from within the bowels of the Nile River. These cattle were succeeded by seven leaner counterparts who proceeded to quickly devour their predecessors. As royal magicians were unable to satisfactorily interpret this dream, the king sought Joseph’s acumen to do so.

Joseph then interpreted the Pharoah’s dream as indicative of seven prosperous years succeeded by seven years of hard times for the Egyptian nation.

Such symbolic interpretations may be quite acceptable in contemporary society. Within many ancient cultures, however, Oneiromancy was viewed as a viable science more so than a mere subjective art form. Thus, many volumes about interpreting psychic dreams were frequently consulted.

The development of more flexible psychic dreams interpretive imagery bears a much greater resemblance to contemporary psychological perspectives about the real meaning of psychic dreams. Carl Jung’s theories about a collective unconscious states are prime examples.

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