New Moon Rituals

People have been keeping track of the moon’s phases for a long time. We’ve used it to harvest crops, tell time, and figure out what the weather will be like. The Sun may tell us what to do, but we’ve always known been drawn to the Mother Moon and awed by it.

As our minds grow, we realize that there is much more to weather and time than the moon.

Open your heart and mind, and tune into the energy of your spirit.

It’s just as important to prepare yourself for New Moon rituals as it is to do the rituals themselves.

Start by going into a state of meditation. Clear your mind and worry, fear, doubt, and other bad feelings will go away.
Light a white candle and say a prayer or call on your guardian angels, ancestors, mother moon, or source energy. Or, just picture letting a white light wash over you and fill your space. This makes sure that any energy that comes through is clean.
A New Moon ritual is best done during the New Moon, but it can still be used up to 48 hours after the New Moon. We get one about once a month, which is good.

What are the Meanings of a New Moon?

  • Plant the seeds that will eventually bear fruit.
  • Let go of things that aren’t serving you anymore.
  • Plan alterations and be open to new experiences.
  • Spiritual reset
  • A moment of relinquishment and confidence


Things That Are Required For New Moon Rituals

In all honesty, all that is required of you is a heart that is open to receiving, a mind that is fully present in the here and now, and a body that is free from stress.

For the purpose of channeling the power of a new moon ritual. Nevertheless, there are some very amazing ones, instruments that will assist you in connecting with this wonderful life source.


Items you may need

Crystals [Harnessing Earth Energy]
Sage, Palo Santo, or Incense [Harnessing
Wind Energy]
Candle or Bonfire [Harnessing Fire Energy]
Bath, shower, or natural body of water
[Harnessing Water Energy]
Paper, journal, pen

New Moon Rituals

EARTH: Grounding & Cleansing Crystal
New Moon Ritual




Give your energy a point of steadying, and find clarity, balance, and focus; Use to lessen fear and anxiety; Improve mindfulness and being present; Put an end to worries and insecurities; Create space for manifesting; Move from a state of merely surviving to one of thriving; Give your energy a point of steadying and find clarity, balance, and focus; Use to diminish fear and anxiety; Use to improve mindfulness and being present; Use to put an end to worries and insecurities



Position your crystals so that they face south while keeping your bare feet firmly planted on the ground or the floor.

Start to feel the edges of your feet, all the way from the end of your toes to the ring on the outside of your heel, and press your body down into the ground with an increasing amount of force.
Start moving your knees in a way that looks like you’re trying to press the rest of your body into the floor in time with the beat of the drum.

Imagine that your feet are sending out roots that grow deep into the ground, and any negative energy is leaving your body through your crown.

Maintain this position for five to fifteen minutes without lifting your feet.

At this point in time, you are welcome to sing, hum, or recite your affirmations.
Know that you are energetically connected to the Earth and that this connection will continue to ground you long after this ritual has concluded, regardless of where you go or what you experience.



· Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, Botswana Agate

To be outside or to walk around an indoor space barefoot

· Hand drum or drum music



· I am safe in my body
· I am supported by the Earth
· All excess energy and anxiety are transmuted to bury my roots deeper

· I am secure and protected

· I absorb grounded, Earth energy

New Moon Rituals

WIND: A Ritual of Surrender and Release at the New Moon




· Free yourself from destructive patterns of thought Break harmful behaviors

· Cut ties with people that are toxic to you.

· Don’t forget who you have the potential to be.

· Forgive, put the past behind you, and begin again

· Have faith in the course that your life is on.



Crystals should be oriented toward the west, and sage should be used.
body and space, start by lighting some incense, and then go on to Bring to the surface the energy that you would like to release.
These may take the form of certain phobias, anxieties, losses, feelings of guilt, or suffering.
While you are allowing yourself to feel the discomfort, you should begin to be grateful to these negative feelings for everything that they have taught you about life and about yourself, as well as for the opportunity they have given you to strengthen your emotional resilience.
Now is the time to start letting them go.
Feel the energetic release and envision these unwelcome feelings leaving your body as you engage in activities such as movement, dancing, or the flow of yoga. Even shaking your hands can have this effect.
You may find that tears come to your eyes; if so, let those go as well.
The New Moon is a time for initiating a thorough cleansing and letting go.
After you have finished reciting your affirmations, take some time to rest.



· Amethyst, Moonstone, and Turquoise

· Sage, Palo Santo, or Incense

· Music (either gentle and conducive to meditation or techno house, whatever it is that piques your interest)

· Cozy proximity and ample space (the focus should not be on





· I deserve to live without the pain and emotional burden
· I do this for me and my happiness

· If I am strong enough to hold onto it,

· I’m strong enough to let it go


New Moon Rituals

FIRE: Burn Walls and Wake Up Inspiration: A New Moon Ritual





· Ditch limiting beliefs

· Try to do the impossible.

· Use your full potential.

· Invite growth and miracles.

· Help ease the pain of change and

· transformation



The second letter will be to both you now and you in the future. In an exercise, this is where you will plant the seeds of what you want to happen.

It’s called scripting. You will keep a journal here.

entry as if there were a lot of good things that you

wish to attract has already happened:

“I finally got my dream job as a _____,” “My

“The book deal was okayed!” “During my time in Italy,

been magical!” “I found the one I’m going to marry!”

Celebrate and let yourself feel the happiness that

What will happen in these times?

This is how you draw people in everything you want.

Now, burn the first letter and put it in a safe place, water, and throw it away.
Let those old ideas go die out for good.
Fold, and put the second letter under your stones.

Close your ritual

By thinking about this letter and reading it out loud,

The following affirmations.



· Carnelian, Freshwater Pearls, and Lapis Lazuli
· Candles
· Bucket or bowl of water
· Pen and paper



· Everything I want, wants me
· I am surrounded by resources, nothing is out of reach
· The Universe is abundant, and I am a reflection of the Universe



New Moon Rituals

WATER: A Sacred Bath for the New Moon




· Take in the energy of a New Moon’s fresh start.

· Self-love and love for yourself

· A party to honor everything you’ve done this month.

· A simple moment to stop, be thankful, and feel at peace with yourself



This sacred bath is all about resting, healing, and soaking up the magic of the New Moon. Add each one one at a time, like in a beautiful recipe.

Pour your goals into the water as you do this.

Say, think, and feel how this bath will make your spirit stronger, calm your soul, and make your body feel better.

You can set your own goals or use the affirmations below as a guide.

Fill your tub with your favorite things, candles, and crystals, and use this time to shower yourself with love.



· Rose Quartz, Citrine,
· Amazonite, and Labradorite
· Epsom Salt
· Dried flowers and herbs
· Essential oils
· Oatmilk
· Honey or Agave
· Candles




· I should be able to live without pain and stress.
· I do this to make myself happy.

· If I have the strength to keep it, I have the strength to let it go.

· This is a place where I can be myself and be happy about it.

New Moon Rituals

So don’t worry if you can’t pull out all the stops to make a ceremony for the New Moon. We still want you to get the most out of this special lunar cycle by following these easy-to-do steps.

All you have to do is pair your goal with something you can do.
I go on this long walk under the New Moon in order to:

letting go of the past and making a better future happen.

Walk for a long time under the New Moon
Write in a manifesting journal.
Bake your favorite sweet
Sip hot tea or coffee slowly.
Meditate for at least 10 minutes
You can dance to your favorite music.
Under the New Moon, you can charge crystals.
Clean up and put things in order.
Write emotional purge letters
You can show who you are through art, like painting, drawing, or singing.

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