Meditation and Tarot Cards

Meditating with Tarot Cards Can Create A Road To Enlightenment

Many people practice meditation and many people use the Tarot cards to obtain a Tarot reading, but few people realize that these two valuable tools can be used together. For example, if you have recently started meditation, you can use Tarot cards to make the experience more useful, especially if you have difficulty in achieving a “blank” state of consciousness.

You can place your mental attention on a Tarot card of your choice and use it to keep your conscious mind focused. You will be able to have a meditation experience that takes you deeper into your psyche while you explore your innermost self more completely.

When utilizing the Tarot in mediation, it’s important to keep your Tarot cards near you when you are about to practice your meditation. Before you begin, create the mental intention that you are safe from all harmful entities or energies. One way to create an aura of protection is to pray before you start the meditation process. Another method is to see yourself surrounded by a white light.

Breathe in and out naturally and allow yourself to observe your breath. You may find it useful to count to five as you breathe in and count to five as you breathe out. Keep doing this for several minutes while consciously focusing on your breath.

Once you feel deeply relaxed, pick up your Tarot deck and choose a card. This can be a card that is chosen at random, or it can be a card you choose to help you in your journey for that particular day. If you are new to this experience, it is better to choose a card with a light theme and avoid the deeper themes such as Death or the Tower Card

The 22 cards in the Major Arcana may be used as representations of spiritual energy or archetypes.

The 56 cards in the Minor Arcana deal with everyday occurrences and encounters.

The four suits will help you to understand your experience. Wands symbolize creativity. Cups reflect your inner emotional state. Swords depict your intellectual process and ability to communicate. Pentacles symbolize practical achievements in the material world.

Take a close look at the card you pick, looking at all the details you haven`t really paid attention to before. Examine the colors and shapes, the symbols, and all the tiny details in the background. Let it all speak to you.

Look now beyond the card by using a gaze that is slightly out of focus. Keep the card within your field of vision, but gaze beyond it. This allows the card to become a doorway so you can enter the scene depicted on the card. You may even feel as though you are drawn into the card.

While you place your attention and awareness in the card, let your meditation progress freely without attempting to control it. Let the chosen card create the lesson but do not try to create a mental script and do not try to direct the show. In many cases, the Tarot reading will simply take you on a journey as if you are watching a movie unfold.

Sit back and let yourself experience what you are seeing. If you want to close your eyes, go ahead. Let yourself have all the time that is necessary for this journey.

Finally, keep a journal and write down your experience. Ultimately, this will reflect your journey and you just may discover a common theme that you are meant to process. More importantly, you can become your own best psychic. Mediation is known for increasing psychic intuition and is a useful tool for learning how to tap into your own psychic energy.

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