How to Find a Spiritual Teacher

Finding a credible spiritual teacher who can assist you in developing your psychic skills or other types of spiritual growth is not always easy.

Unfortunately, in any field where there are few or no standards available to qualify an instructor’s credentials, you will more than likely encounter more than a few frauds or wannabes touting their supposed qualifications.

The reality is that pretty much anybody can legally label themselves an expert “mystic”, “guru”, “psychic” or “spiritual master” and then pursue a career at it by either selling books or instructing classes or seminars. So, if you want to seek spiritual guidance from someone you can truly trust, here a few things you should be mindful of when selecting a teacher. First, realize that creating what appears to be a credible public image is really not that difficult.

These days just about anyone can afford to hire a professional designer to put together a really slick looking website about them selves without substantiating any of their claims. If someone calls themselves a “psychic to the stars”, for example, you may want to ask yourself who exactly are the “stars” they are referring to.

If the psychic in question truly does have celebrity clients, why don’t they name them or provide a personal testimonial? Likewise, if someone claims to have “amazing psychic abilities”, they should also provide some specific examples about some of their accomplishments. The truth is that most of the time these kinds of extraordinary claims simply can’t be validated.

The best instructors don’t need to market themselves or rely on exaggerated claims to get new customers. Most do it by word of mouth from their clients. For this reason you should always be very skeptical of anyone who boasts about their skills or accomplishments, and especially so when their claims can not be substantiated.

If you are considering an instructor, you definitely will want to do your own research as well. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply Google their name. If someone is a fraud or a poor instructor you will most likely be able to find a post about them on a message board or in a Yelp review.

On the other hand, you also will likely find positive reviews by people who have good experiences.

Also, if you are able to, don’t be afraid to call the instructor up with your own questions. Without being confrontational, ask them about their background, experience, accomplishments and who some of their past clients have been.

They should hopefully be able to provide you with a few former or present students you can contact for a personal recommendation. Also ask about their techniques and specifically why they chose to teach. The answers they provide should give you a pretty good understanding as to what they are truly about. Feel them out and let your own intuition by your guide.

Always remember that as a student the teaching experience should be about you and never the instructor. After all, the reason you are paying them is to enrich your life and help you grow. If they don’t succeed, then it is they who are failing you, and not the other way around.

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