Developing Psychic Intuition

This is because it often comes to them when it is least expected. For beginners, this can be especially true. They never seem to be able to tap into it when they actively try. Although the ways your psychic intuition works can often be random and frustrating, it is actually a very positive sign. This is because if you have it, you can often learn how to control it as well.

Can controlling ones intuition actually it be learned? The answer is “yes” for many people, but it requires developing new focusing techniques and consistent practice over time. While it may be quite frustrating at first, the good news is that the process gets much easier as you build your abilities over time.

So where do you start? Begin by paying much closer attention to the world around you. If, for example, your phone rings, pause for a few seconds before you answer it to determine if your psychic intuition may be trying to tell you something. You may automatically know who is calling you immediately, or you may get an emotional response, or maybe even an image may come to your mind. You also may get no intuitive message at all.

Make a mental note of whatever impression you receive t before you answer the call to see if your intuition was correct.
If the impression turns out to be wrong, it’s OK, because learning how to filter out the bad information is just as important as learning how to recognize accurate information.

The point of the exercise is to become more consciously aware of every message your psychic intuition may or may not be sending to us.
This same type of exercise can also be applied to most events that happen around you. See if you can predict a friend’s mood right before you meet them. Can you sense if a family member has had a good or bad day before they come home? Or, perhaps you can read what someone else is thinking about?

Ask them about it to see if you are correct. The goal is to let go of all of your assumptions and allow your intuition to be your new guide. After all, the world surrounding you flows with all kinds of psychic energy. To tap into it, you must learn to rely on your intuition as much as possible.
In the beginning, much of the information that you receive may be insignificant.

This is normal. True psychic ability takes time to develop and can never be forced. It is important that you learn to accept the fact that you will often be wrong in the beginning. There is a reason for this. The conscious part of your mind will often make its own wrong assumptions when your psychic intuition fails to provide the information that you are seeking.

Sometimes the information you receive may be correct, but seems to make little or no sense. This is normal as well. Very often the best psychic predictions become much more meaningful over time. Sometimes a prediction can take weeks, months or even years to fully materialize.

If you get a strong premonition or intuitive feeling about something it is important to always try to explore it further. Sometimes a small piece of information can lead to much larger discoveries. To do this though you will need to actively use your intuition to explore the subject in question further.

Try to piece together any new information you receive to get a better understanding of the bigger picture. You will be amazed the first time when this happens and you are proven to be right.

Also pay close attention to the process itself. How did the information first come to you and how did you make use of your intuition to explore it further? Once you understand the how process works, you can then repeat it again in the future.

Learning how to use your psychic intuition is a little like learning how to speak a new language. You must start off slowly by learning the basics. As you become more proficient, it will begin to make more and more sense to you.

However, it will not come naturally to you until you are fully fluent and can speak the new language without having to consciously think about the words you are saying. Once you learn how to recognize your own natural gift, your intuition will work in much the same way.

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