Connecting to the Divine through Kabbalahism

Some psychics believe that their abilities stem from having a close connection to the Divine. One way to develop such as connection is through the study and practice of Kabbalah. If you are unfamiliar with Kabbalahism, here is some basic background information and a simple breathing exercise you can try as an experiment.

The literal translation for the word Kabbalah from Hebrew means “to receive”. In a truer sense though, it means to receive a unique form of instruction to deepen one’s knowledge and improve their way of life. There are a lot of misconceptions about Kabbalah. For one, it is not a religion or a book, but rather a way of thinking based on principles stemming from ancient Jewish mysticism. For another, one does not have to be Jewish or change their religion in order to accept and live by many of the principles found in Kabbalahism. In fact, many who have studied Kabbalah have found that it actually strengthens their religious beliefs by deepening their understanding about themselves and their personal relationship to God.

Many of the individual Hebrew letters and words found in Kabbalah are thought to contain their own unique spiritual energy. When spoken, the sounds and vibrations that are created are thought to manifest the forces represented by these letters and words into being.

For example, Aleph, is the first letter found in the Hebrew alphabet. It is also associated with the number one.  In Judeo-Christian biblical tradition, the numerical value of one refers to “God is one”.  Aleph is also the first Hebrew letter appearing the Ten Commandments because it represents both the beginning Commandments and the word of God.

Aleph is also thought to represent a deep breath that can bring forth life. In Kabbalah, it is believed that God himself took such a deep a breath right before he created earth and all life on it. For this reason, Aleph is associated with creation and a closeness to God.

In terms of ourselves, Aleph can serve as a means to better understand who we are as individuals and as a way of more closely connecting to the Divine power that created us. When done correctly, every breath can be a spiritual experience that brings us closer to God.

If you would like to try this for yourself, here is a simple spiritual exercise you can do one your own:

1) Start by finding a quiet location where you can comfortably sit in an upright position.
2) Close your eyes and slowly take deep breaths until you feel as though you are relaxed and in sync with the rhythm of your breathing.
3) Focus on the brief moment right before you begin to inhale each breath. As you open your mouth to inhale, say the word “Aleph” softly to yourself with each breath.
4) As you are doing this, think of how God used this same life force to create you and all that surrounds you.
5) As you progress, think about how this same energy runs through you also and your oneness with God’s energy. Can you feel his energy running through you? Can you feel his power to create things run through you as well with each breath?
6) As you go deeper into your thoughts and breathing, you may feel lightheaded as if your spirit is actually leaving your body. You may even experience a sense of euphoria.
7) Once you feel fulfilled, begin to slow down the rhythm of your breathing. Relax for a moment and think about what you have experienced.

If you repeat this exercise regularly you should begin to have an increased awareness about yourself and your relationship with God. Over time this awareness will be with you in your every breath.

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