Clairsentient Psychic

Is there a clairsentient psychic in all of us?

Do you ever feel certain about something but can’t exactly explain how or why you know what you do? Whether it comes as a thought or feeling, when such a premonition occurs you are confident that you know something for certain. Is it possible you have clairsentient psychic abilities?

Clairsentience is a form of extra sensory perception that literally means “clear knowing” or “clear thinking.” It is the most common type of psychic intuition. Those who have it can literally feel or know things that are happening somewhere else…

What are some of the signs that you may be clairsentient? Have you ever had a strong premonition about something that you know little or nothing about?  Perhaps. you “know  what a friend’s new boyfriend will be like before you  actually meet him.  Perhaps some specific piece of information just “pops” into your head, such as the name or hometown of a person you are meeting for the first time . Or you instinctively know which road to turn down when you are lost or sense a dangerous situation before you actually encounter it.

Interestingly, a recently published scientific study conducted by Daryl Bem, a professor of psychology at Cornell University, may prove that at least some clairsentient psychic abilities rest in all of us. In one of his studies, Bem asked over one thousand student volunteers to guess which of two concealed images on a computer screen contained an erotic image. Over 53% of the time the students guessed the location of the hidden erotic image correctly. While three percent may not seem like a big difference to most of us, in terms of accepted scientific statistical standards it is significant, and well outside the standard deviation of random guessing. Also, keep in mind that the participants in this study were students, not actual psychics or people who think that they have clairsentient abilities.

Strangely enough, when the erotic images were replaced with images of common everyday items, the correct results given by the students dropped down to 50% which is where they would  normally be expected if they were randomly guessing them attributed the drop to the fact that everyday items are non-emotional images which do not trigger precognitive abilities in the students he tested. This may explain why we  seem to get premonitions about things that affect us primarily on an emotional level.

One way you can assess your own clairsentient psychic abilities is by carrying a small notepad with you and writing down any strong premonitions as  you experience them. Later, you can check to verify their accuracy.

Another way to test yourself is to see what your intuition tells you about someone you will be meeting for the first time. Write down five things about them in advance of your meeting.. These can be things you sense about their physical appearance, such as hair color or clothing, their personality type, or specific facts, such as their occupation or whether or not they own a pet. How accurate are you?

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