Wicca for Beginners

Wicca has been given a bad rap for its association to witchcraft. In reality though, the Wiccan religion is largely based on benevolent principles and the worship of nature. The Wiccan religion is largely based upon one’s relationship to nature and its elements. Although the practice of witchcraft can be associated to it, it is […]

What Is Psychic Healing?

The Goal of Psychic Healing Is To Help An Individual Move Through Spiritual Blocks This article will answer essential questions on psychic therapy, or which is often referred to as psychic healing. It will tackle what energy healing is and how a psychic healer works. There are various ideas about energy healing. Sadly, most of […]

Finding A Soul Mate

Finding your soul mate doesn’t require calling a psychic. Many of us go through life hoping to find that perfect someone we envision as our soul mate. Sometimes we even like to imagine what our soul mate will be like when we finally meet them; someone who is entertaining, attractive, intelligent and understands us completely. While […]

Online Psychic

The types of questions you should and should not ask an online psychic. Most people seek the advice of an online psychic because they either are looking for general advice or want answers to very specific questions. This can include getting a prediction on a broad subject such as what the coming year may have […]

Psychic Training

With psychic training we can develop our natural intuitive abilities into a real gift. If you are old enough have been around in the days when TV’s came with rabbit ear antennas then you may remember how difficult it could be to tune in some of the channels. To get a clear picture, you would […]

Zener Cards

How to use Zener cards to test ESP and telepathy. Zener cards were invented by Karl Zener, a perceptual psychologist who was famous for his research in human telepathy.  Zener cards were an important research tool because they merged what were once viewed as two opposing belief systems; that of science and that of psychic […]

The Psychic Empath

One of the most common forms of psychic ability is that of the Psychic Empath. Psychic Empaths are individuals who can sense or feel the emotions of others.  They can also experience the same emotions or sensations that someone else is experiencing. Their true gift lies in their unique ability to focus on the energy […]

How to Lucid Dream

Psychic Development: How to Lucid Dream Dreams are a window into the subconscious. Through them we can learn a great deal about ourselves and the influences that motivate us to think and act the way that we do.  Sigmund Freud once said “every dream reveals itself as a psychical structure which has a meaning and […]

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