Are you psychic? Here is a quiz you can take to find out.

Am I Psychic?

Many of us occasionally experience those odd little intuitive episodes in our lives that can make us wonder if we might in fact be a little bit psychic. Often this can be information that seems to come to us from out of nowhere such as a “feeling” or “hunch” that can be uncanny in its accuracy. These can be things like sensing someone’s personality type before being introduced to them or knowing where a missing object might be located. Learning how to tap into what our intuition may be telling us can be a valuable tool for seeing people or situations from a different perspective. This type of insight can help us out tremendously in out personal lives as well. If we can learn to use it to our advantage, it inevitably will help us make better decisions.

If you are uncertain about the level of your own intuitive skills, grab a pencil and write down you answers to the following questions. You never know, you may just in fact be psychic and not even know it.

Psychic Test

  1. Upon meeting someone new, have you ever sensed that something bad might happen to them and later found out that this in fact did come true?
  2. Have you ever gone for your phone to pick up a call before it actually rang? Or, have you ever sensed that someone you haven’t spoken to in a very long time was calling you before you picked up the phone?
  3. Have you ever seen anything in a dream that later came true? Or, has anything ever been revealed to you in a dream?
  4. Are you a good sense of character? Can you spot a shady individual before you know much about them?
  5. Alternatively, do you know when you can trust a stranger?
  6. Have you ever sensed someone’s thoughts before they verbalized them to you?
  7. Have you ever been to a new place where you sensed bad energy, only to later find out that something bad did in fact once happen there once?
  8. Have you ever sensed that someone was ill before they knew it themselves or showed any noticeable symptoms?
  9. Are you lucky? Do you intuitively know when something may be a good bet or a bad bet? Can you recognize a winning team or athlete before a match has even started? Or, when you make a guess at something, do you usually get it right?
  10. Have you ever sensed a dangerous situation before it presented itself?

Psychic Test Scoring

0-2 Yes Answers. You may or may not be intuitive. You probably are not a good candidate to be psychic.
3-5 Yes Answers. This is about average for most people. Chances are pretty likely that you have some intuitive abilities.
6-7 Yes Answers. You show above average intuitive skills. With focus and practice you have the potential to become a psychic.
8-10 Yes Answers. You have very strong intuitive abilities and are very likely to be a natural psychic. If you have an interest, you should definitely pursue developing your skills further.

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