Adult Coloring Books For Relaxation

Sometimes all we need to relax is a good book. I’d say that more than 99% of what I read is about interesting things like psychology, fitness, finances, and politics, but some of them can get stressful after a while.

But I’m still not very good at it, so every so often I look at as much amazing art as I can find. During that trip, I learned that coloring books for adults are a real genre.

Does coloring help with stress?

Yes! Psychologists think that coloring, even for adults, can help them feel calmer and less stressed out because it is a quiet activity. And the calmer we are, the better we can deal with whatever life throws at us.

For all of these reasons, I set out to find some of the best examples of this fun genre, and I’ve put the links to them below. All of the coloring books below have at least four stars, and most have a lot of reviews, with some having tens of thousands.

Please enjoy this list

Note 2: This story has affiliate links, which means that if you buy something through those links, I get a small amount of money at no extra cost to you. You can also look up the books on Google and buy them somewhere else if you want!


Best Coloring Books for Adults for 2022

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