A Beginners Guide To Telekinesis

Learn Telekinesis in Eight Steps

Telekinesis occurs when one can move things with only their minds.  No one knows exactly how this process works scientifically, though some believe that our minds are integrated with the natural elements of this world.  However, to achieve telekinesis, you cannot just “wish” for an object to move.  You must unlock the power of your unconscious, a process that is not always easy.  Perhaps this is why telekinesis remains a rare spiritual gift.   To develop your telekinesis ability, practice the exercise below.

 1. Get a sheet of paper.  Make sure it is of a darker color.  You also gather together a powdery substance such as flour, sugar or baking soda.

2. Place the substance in the form of a mound on the paper.

3. At the perimeter of this mound, draw a circle.  The circle should encompass the whole figure.

4. Examine the powder without touching the mound.  Use all of your physical senses to observe the substance.  What comes to mind?  Think about its properties.  Go beyond what you consciously know about the substance.  Analyze how its place in the natural world.  How much is it like dirt?  Can the substance be moved by natural phenomenon, like rain or wind?  Keep asking yourself these questions until nothing else comes into your mind.

5. Pay attention to your breathing.  Now try and become “one” with the powder.  Imagine what life would be like if you were that substance.  Think about how you would feel if you were able to move in that manner. 

6. During this process, use your imagination to visualize your hands.  Visualize them glowing with rays of light and energy.  Put them down on the paper, making sure they are on the corresponding sides of the mound.  Keep yourself steady, as the energy begins transferring into the powder.

7. Stare at the powdery mound and visualize yourself as a tiny being on top of a mountain.  Now begin to see yourself move from the mountain. Imagine the powder dragging behind you.  Or, you could think about pushing the powder, (as if you were a bulldozer).   With this visualization, you may want to accentuate things further by imagining yourself running through the powder.

8. Hold your momentum for 5 minutes.  Make sure you continue this exercise until your time is up.   If necessary, you can use a stopwatch.  After the deadline, move your hand around a little.  The energy will begin flowing from you into the powder.  The reason why is because the energy connects both you and the mound; chemically you and it are the same.  Both you and the mound contain matter and other components that can be manipulated by the universe.

If you are successful with this experiment, the powder will move past the line you drew earlier. If you are not successful, do not worry as this experiment is very challenging for most people. 

Like most skills, telekinesis takes time, patients and lots of practice. Try not to get discouraged. The most important thing to remember when attempting to perform telekinesis is to connect with the material you are trying to move in your mind.

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